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Untitled :iconabductedsanity:AbductedSanity 2 1
The Knife Called Pain
I used to stand at your side, and hold your hand when you would cry. I said i loved you before we said good night. I used to cry for you, when you were upset. I used to fall for you every single day. Now someone else has filled my spot. Someone else to hold your hand, someone else to be your man. I knew this day would come, and it would be grey. But I didnt think it would hurt like it has this way. My heart beats slowly as you broke it again. Thinking of his hand in yours is what my heart cant stand. Thinking of him stand where I was to stand. Take you to the dancefloor where we used to dance. Make you feel beautiful with every damn glance. That was for me to have, and people to cherish! Now its all gone! My, hopes and my dreams to fucking perish! You broke my heart once before, I healed it now you once again threw it to the floor. As you dance on top of it I feel every step, as you play with it i feel it in every damn breath.
The moment I found out, my life came to a stop. My brain, m
:iconabductedsanity:AbductedSanity 3 4
Red For The Cancer
And as I sit in my room. All I do is think of you. And all the times I hate to lose . Now the pain seems so real. All the cuts I can feel. They scratch and tear my heart as I wish that you were here. I call out your name but you cant hear. Live in my darkness with so much fear. The fear that i wont hear you call my name. To comfort me when I feel sad and full of blame.
I wont forget this regret. Knowing my last words to you were what meant the most. Living with the memories of the last days you had. Seeing the frame you once had decay. Watching as you went from cheerful and vibrant, to faded and jaded. Holding the tears in my eyes, to spare the pain you got from it inside. Going at home at night, to stay up and cry. Walk through the day, hiding the pain away. Staying strong for you. Knowing the day will come where you will be gone, and I will be lost.
You were my rock, your my soul. You were everyhing that I used to know. The day you left you took me with you. I stand, but I stand a br
:iconabductedsanity:AbductedSanity 1 4
You look out, expecting the breeze
But, instead you see darkness and you freeze
The chill, the shaking
It consumes you, and your breaking
Every step, every breath is painstaking
Every thought, Every day fear is overtaking
Try to run, try to hide but still it consumes you inside
Tears fall down the cheek, every time grow weak
You wish for one thing, only one thing on your mind
Someone to save you, care for you because you were left behind
Love was the only thing you sought
Because you were left there to rot
Sit in the cold, sit in the dark
Left alone with nothing but your thoughts
Every passing moment distraught
Nothing but empty dreams and broken heart
:iconabductedsanity:AbductedSanity 3 4
Find Your Worth
Dear love, Wake up and see that you are not the girl you think you are destined to be. Open your beautiful eyes and see. That the life you live is a precious thing.
Words that are flown, they hurt and they burn. But the strength that you earn is beyond words. You may not think your tough, you may not thing your strong. You may think at times your not good enough. That's  all in the mind, that's why I'm here to show you it heals over time.
Your wondrous, amazing and beautiful. No one shall say different. Your scars are what make you who you are, wear them with pride. Never be afraid, don't hold things inside. Come to the ones you know are really by your side. The ones that listen, the ones that care. The ones that will hold your hand in times of despair.  In times of worthlessness and times of doubt, go to the ones who really know what your about.
:iconabductedsanity:AbductedSanity 6 9
Deep Inside
I still see you in my dreams, your the distant shadow in my nightmares.
Happy meomories turned into painful reminders. Memories as sharp as glass, cutting me as I i think back to them.
They cut deep, opening the wounds so tightly wound before.
Memories that once were great, now  make my mind insane.
Things i only brought upon myself.
Things that i could avoid.
Things i messed up and now live with the pain.
The thought of you not in my arms, is as painful as a blade that harms.
The thought of you with someone else may be the end of me.
All these things on my mind day in and day out.
But no one to blame but this coward.
The man staring back in the mirror.
Cracked and broken as he stands in front of it.
Leaving pieces behind each time he walks away.
Pick up the piece, each time a different memory.
Each one that cuts him deeper.
Piercing the inner person that he once was.
Making him something that hes not.
Something he never wanted to be.
Something thats deep.
Deep inside the mind.
:iconabductedsanity:AbductedSanity 3 7
Grim oh Grim
I want to dance
I want to fly
Take the hand of the grim reaper and I Shall die
Touch the Scythe that's gleaming in the white moonlight
Take flight, take flight, take flight,
Bright light, Bright light, Bright light
Tonight, tonight, tonight
Spin me, dip me, dance with my my love
Grim oh grim
It's you my love
Grim oh grim
Take me, Shake me
Give me your kiss of death
Take my pills
Make me ill
Give me the noose
My muscles get loose
Swallow Cyanide
I will not run and hide
Grim oh grim
Take my hand
My hourglass is out of time
I took his hand
I touched the scythe
He has made me immortal
I danced with him, my grim, the reaper, I fell in love
I fell in love with the blade he provided
I fell in love with the pain it made
I fell in love with the blood that ran from it
I fell in love with the cuts
I fell in love with..death
:iconabductedsanity:AbductedSanity 4 15
Do you?
Do you miss me? Cause i miss you
Do you still think about me? cause i think about you
Do the memories still come to mind when you hear our song on the radio? Cause I do
Do you still love me? Cause i still love you
Do you care anymore? cause i still do
Do any of these things ever come to your mind, am i still in your heart or have i left entirely? Am i just a distant memory, a ghost left on your mind? A hallowed soul that you once called your own. Do i just fade like a puff of smoke drifted off by the wind? Do i mean anything to you anymore...or have i just gone away from you. Does the thought of me make you feel bad, like yours does to me. Do you even speak my name so beautifully like you used to?
I assume not, to all the questions asked, i just wish that you and me were not a thing of the past.  I miss you, the only part of me that ever lived. I want you back, so i know what its like to live again. As i sit here and think and ponder, i come to grips that that want, can not be obt
:iconabductedsanity:AbductedSanity 5 10
My Soul
There used to be a man, happy and always smiled. Till heartbreak set in and he never recovered.
He used to stare at pictures, he used to read the letters. He used to laugh and smile and what he read and saw, now he just looks at barrels of 45's and razors and all.
He will never be the same, and he knows it. But he hides it as best he can and doesnt show it. He dosent want the pity he doesnt want the sorrow. He just wants happiness even if its just to borrow. For a minute or even a day, he just wants to know what its like for the pain to go away. A pain that forever grows, a pain that he does not want to know. A pain that consumes you and eats at your heart. A pain that controls you and will never depart. He knows it will kill him, but nothing can be done, so he finds ways as if he were to run. Occupy the mind to numb the pain, works for a moment but here it comes again. You try and you try but nothing works. You sit there with pain that comes like clockwork. Every day at the worst time
:iconabductedsanity:AbductedSanity 2 10
The Hardest Part Is Forgetting
You see love’s a funny thing the way it lingers in the mind
No matter what you do or the passing of time
That ember still glows for those lovers behind
No matter if it’s well remembered
That light still shines
Good times take precedent over every incident
No matter how poorly spent
So we put on these ridiculous fronts
Like we were just fooling around
Our love was only childish fun
Yet we know different
That it meant something to us
And that piece still lingers in each one that we’ve loved
So we pick up the pieces
Try and make a half a whole
But in the back of our minds
There’s quite a different story to be told
That Love has kissed our lips
That Love has touched our eyes
And no matter how sincere
Love has changed our lives
And even if all love has flown
We’ll have a few scars to proudly show
Cause at the end of our lives
We can say, ‘At least we tried’
:iconabductedsanity:AbductedSanity 1 3
I just dont know....
Do you ever lay awake a night, wondering how i am. I do, because i just dont know anymore.
Do you miss me the same way that i miss you, it hurts. I just dont know anymore.
Do even have a bond like we used to, one that wouldnt break. I hope so, i just dont know anymore.
Do you still love me the way you did before, beacause i do,  i just dont know anymore.
If I held out my hand like I did before, would you take it, or pass it away? I just dont know anymore.
If i I offered you my kind words, in your moments of doubt like I did before. Would you listen. I just dont know anymore.
If I asked for you back, would you come or would you go. I hope for the best, but I just dont know anymore.
I dont know how you are. I dont know what you think, I dont even know how we used to be. I want to know if we can ever be the same, i hope, and i long and i dream.  I stay awake at night thinking about you. Every night is more painful than the last. Bruises on my mind, and cuts on my heart, keep me
:iconabductedsanity:AbductedSanity 2 2
Darkness...thru love
Darkness, it surrounds me like a black veil. Consumes my soul and leaves it broken. It fills my heart with absolute pain, I feel it in me, I can feel it coursing through my veins. Its tiring, painful but yet so beautiful. Its unlike anything that Ive ever felt before. I cant describe it, its horrible yet great. My mind works wonders to try and understand it, but it comes up short so I just give in. Thoughts that control my every move. They paralyze me, they leave me alone.
The thoughts of you should be bright and filled with joy, instead they are dark and leave me sore. I used to dream of you dressed in white, so pure, innocent ready to be my wife. Now i dream of you dressed in black, scary,dark holding the knife you dig in my back. I loved you so much you see, that I gave you every single part of me. So once you left its no shock I'm not the same, you were my everything that kept me sane. Now i grow crazy, insane with every passing day. I cant stand it, its controlling, I wish these o
:iconabductedsanity:AbductedSanity 3 5
When wishes are granted, many are three at a time. If I was to be granted just one, all i would wish is to wake up everyday to the sound of your breath, the way it feels on my neck. To the warmth of your lips on my cheek, the touch of your fingers on my skin and the feeling of your heart beating next to mine. Knowing that i could never find that feeling with anyone else.
The only woman I ever loved, the only one who set these feelings in me, the only one I want to share these feelings with. Love me and I'll love you till I die, until my face is blue, cause I only love you and this is true
:iconabductedsanity:AbductedSanity 2 11
Dark she is the mind of yours.
Dark she is the mind of yours.
Icy chill of thought becomes a steely shimmer. Behold the a glimmer in the black. A flash of grey, that even glows. In show against the hallowed dark of you, And that is why you scream in jarring tones.
I have no heart for joy! My white brittle bones have died' you cried in dark and fractured moans. So now the queen of black you writhe, whence from dark of shade that honed an evil from afar; in curse of me you bade: 'I, the wave shall rape the shore! Violence will there in in glares I'll throw at all who prey and more. A dark and fetid sea I'll Bleed'
And now, the bitter tinge and bleak of waste, that eyed death of once your soul will forever be.
Indeed you tell: "The cramping pain is here! Eternal spasm, infinite chasm, The Devils Chaplain plays! We'll climax in a tortured glee, as all my love decays
:iconabductedsanity:AbductedSanity 5 7
Kiss of my love
Your beauty overwhelms me as I wrap my arms around you. I press your softness tight, great passion fills my inner being. I'm captured by your embrace. Your eyes control my very soul. The touch of your lips, heaven. Forever frozen in time, all else fades into nothing.
World evaporates, time is still, but all these feelings real. I feel love, I feel care. I feel comfort all from you. My pain fades away and my mind is straight. Blood runs warm through with love, my heart pumps it through my whole body. Feelings such as these cannot be given by anyone else, nor would i want it. Your my first, my last, and my only love, and forever that way it shall it stay
:iconabductedsanity:AbductedSanity 3 3
One of my heroes :iconabductedsanity:AbductedSanity 1 9


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Im a pretty dark kid at times, i have a light side but my dark tends to overshadow it more than anything.....i suffer from depression and often times give in to its demands...but i write poetry and it helps keep me sane...i dont claim to be a great poet just someone who likes to write...enojy!


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